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Drywall Repair: DIY or Hire a Professional

Feb 16

Drywall Repair: DIY or Hire a Professional

Drapery is the most effective material for insulation and shelter. You don't need to drill a hole into it. Should you attempt to repair drywall damage yourself or hire a professional? It's obvious that you don’t know how to repair drywall. However, make sure you check the painting history of any team that you hire. But, those who are passionate about tackling household projects might enjoy taking a crack at it.

How severe is the damage?

Before you decide whether you want to do it yourself or hire someone to do it, first assess the extent of the damage. There are many types of damage that can occur: indentations or scratches, holes of different sizes, mold, and even indentations. As you can see, the more severe the damage is, the more you should hire someone to repair your drywall. You might also like the Drywall Repair Houston service. It might be helpful to look at the steps involved in repairing each type of damage.

Jobs for small groups

Small holes and dents are the most common form of drywall damage. They are also the simplest and cheapest to fix. You can always call a professional, but most people are capable of handling a small patchwork.

You will need to use sandpaper and putty knives to fill in small dings or nails holes. Simply fill the indentation using the spackle and smooth it out. Then let it dry before sanding it to match the wall.

While it may take a bit more time to repair holes larger than 3 inches (about 3 in. in diameter), it is very easy. A patch kit can be purchased for about 10 dollars and contains everything you need. It includes a patch, putty knives, joint compound, and sandpaper. First, place the adhesive patch over the hole. The joint compound should be evenly distributed over the patch. The compound can then be sanded off and painted over once it has dried. This is a simple type of small-scale drywall repair that anyone can do.

Larger Holes

The more complicated the repair is, the larger the hole. These can be repaired with the right tools and a steady hand. You don't need to simply put a patch on these holes. Instead, cut a piece out of drywall that can then be inserted into the damaged area. This will require you to trace and cut around the hole. Next, use joint tape to attach the new piece into place and then cover it with a joint compound.

Sometimes, however, additional reinforcement is required for drywall that has a large enough hole. A contractor might be a good idea in these cases. To ensure that the new drywall is fully screwed into a wall, furring strips are placed behind the hole. To conceal the gaps and strengthen the bond, the joint tape should be applied to the edges. Once more, the joint compound can be spread on the patch and left to dry. Then, it is sanded and painted over.

Severe damage

Sometimes the damage can be so severe that you cannot avoid calling in professionals. If the hole is too large, it might be necessary to remove the entire wall. But holes are not the only possible problem. Water damage can slowly ruin drywall.

You can remove the affected part and replace it if you catch it early enough. The source of leakage will need to be addressed. If the wall is damaged for too long, it might not be possible to repair. Again, this job is best left to the pros.

The verdict?

The majority of drywall problems can be fixed easily. The only things you need are the tools and an online tutorial. You don't have to be confident about your ability. There are professionals who can help you. Drywall Repair Houston can repair or replace any damage to your drywall. We will also paint it over.

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