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Feb 22

How To Set Up Curtain Lights.

This is a perfect product to get the handyman in to set up for you. First measure up where you want these, then get a quote for the job. If these are going high up, get them to come and measure, on-site.

What Are LED Curtain Lights?

LED curtain lights are a type of LED light strip that is typically used as an accent light source. They can be used to highlight areas in the home or business, at parties, for decorating and more. The flexible LED strips feature a strong adhesive backing that allows them to adhere to almost any solid surface with ease. The lighting effect is created by a series of small LEDs, usually appear as a line which is why they're often referred to as "curtains". Some models use others shapes such as round or heart shape which give different effects for designs and decoration applications.


The colors may be fixed (static) but most models allow you to choose from dozens of built-in colors and color changing modes via remote control which provides flexibility in how and where they can be used.


LED Curtain Lights Applications:


The applications for LED curtain lights are virtually limitless, here we have presented some ideas of typical situations. If you have an innovative idea please share it with us by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page!


Adding Accent Lighting To Your Home Theater System – The strips are long enough to fully light your TV or you can cut them down to size so they fit perfectly behind your television set. This will allow you to highlight the sides of your display as well as create a unique lighting effect that will certainly improve your viewing experience.



Different Moods & Ambiance – LED strip lights are able to produce many different color hues, so it's possible to create several different moods in the same room. This is the case of many restaurants, bars, lounges and cafes where people want to experience an array of "moody" lighting that enhances their dining or drinking experience.



Weddings – The thin strips are unnoticeable around your wedding decorations, giving them a clean and elegant look. They're also very easy to install if you want to use them as great wedding party lighting!



Colorful Indoor Lighting – You can use LED light strips anywhere inside your home or office for interesting accent lighting effects; they even work outside (covered by weatherproof housing). The adhesive-backed strip design offers flexibility in how you put them up, allowing you to use them in many innovative ways.



Christmas Decoration – LED strip lights add a nice touch to your Christmas holiday lighting. With the help of some warm white and cool white LEDs, adding some color to your front door or window is easy! You can also decorate the inside of your house with it for that extra special holiday feel.



Wedding Decoration Lighting – The thin and discreet design of these strips makes them perfect for using as accent lighting around any type of wedding decoration: table cloths, flower arrangements, candle lightings, valances and more. You don't need to hire expensive lighting professionals; just put up these LED lights yourself and get excellent results every time!


These are perfect to create a zen zone, somewhere where you can kick back and relax. But we do suggest you check out a local handyman service to set these up for you.