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How do you pick the best home theatre system?

Apr 26

A home theatre system could offer a means to experience private cinematic experiences in the convenience of your home. The combination of an A/V receiver subwoofer and satellite speakers can give you a competitive advantage over the built-in speakers in TVs. It can be difficult to select the best home theater system model, brand, and features. This guide will help you choose the best path to build your own home grapevine theater system.

Take note of these considerations when you are buying a home theater


Channel architecture

There are many styles and designs for home theaters. They range from basic 2.0 stereo systems (2 speakers with no subwoofer) to more sophisticated 11.1 surround sound systems (1 speaker and one subwoofer). While there isn't a single way to determine the optimal amount of speakers needed for any room one can say that a 5.1 system (five speakers plus one subwoofer) is the best option for home theatres with medium-sized rooms. For bigger rooms it is recommended to go with a 7.1-channel system could be more suitable than a more powerful one. 

The types of speakers

You can mix and match your speakers within your room with different dimensions and shapes.


  • Bookshelf speakers: These speakers are great for handling high-end frequencies as well as mid-range frequencies. They can be mounted on the walls.

  • Floor-standing speakers come in a variety of sizes and are able to handle various frequency ranges.

  • Inwall or in-ceiling speaker: These speakers can be installed on the ceiling, wall, or even the ceiling. They have a sleek appearance.

Buffet or a la carte

Your requirements for home theatre will depend on your space and budget. There may be enough space for floor speakers in your front room, but not enough to accommodate rear speakers. For a more compact alternative, you could install them on the walls or on the ceiling. You can pick individual pieces or combine them to create the best audio and aesthetic experience.



The distance between your front speakers and the screen should be identical to the distance from your ear. Surround speakers must be 110-120 degrees behind your listening position, which is about 2 feet over your head. This will give you the most effective sound quality. The speaker in the center should be positioned at an ear level.



The most basic, 2.1-channel models cost $50. Higher-end, three-figure-plus models can be found at high-end locations. There are numerous models and brands to fit every budget. You decide which features are essential and which features you'd like.

Viewing angles

Although large screens can create a film experience, it's essential to think about the angles you view from. The ideal view angle is about two-thirds of the width of the screen. The ideal viewing distance for the screen center is around eye level.



Home theater systems come in a wide range of prices. If you want quality performance, durability, and top-quality customer service, you must invest in a trusted brand that will last for the rest of your life.



Check that your home theatre components can be used with existing equipment before purchasing. Check that your TV or projector includes an additional HDMI port to accommodate future wiring requirements.



It makes sense to buy an A/V receiver capable of upscaling non-HD video to HDMI in the time of high-definition. De-interlacing is a method of converting interlaced video similar to analog TV signals to a digital format and scaling (enhancing a video's resolution without changing the format) are additional features worth taking into consideration.


Audio formats

Amplifiers today can be used to support basic surround sound technologies such as Dolby Digital IIx as well as Dolby ProLogic IIx. Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby ProLogic IIx are excellent options to improve the quality of surround sound. These uncompressed technologies provide the same audio quality as the original recording. The THX is definitely worth considering if you are willing to spend more. It is an acoustic high-end standard that delivers unmatched sound quality.

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